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Our Vision

Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.  (Colossians 1:28)

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver the Living Christ within us and show His endless love, to all the uninvolved Christians, unbelievers and Churched people  in whatever countries which are in need and willing to accept our service . We strive to draw people’s attention to the goal of our existence and afterlife destination, which is the Kingdom of Heaven, and to gain souls to Christ through establishing churches, running sustainable projects, and preparing suitable calibres to be rooted on the Faith of the Mother Coptic Orthodox Church, and to be equipped for evangelism and pastoral care. St. Paul evangelism service will humbly give the needed help and support, avoiding the authoritarian image; this will be achieved through loyal servants who sincerely believe, carefully study, faithfully explain and relevantly apply the word of God through the Mother Church.

Our Values

  • Love & Compassion towards Humanity: Love is the cause and reason for Evangelism.
  • Vision: Without vision we can lose track and get lost in any other activities.
  • Integrity: We might face many challenges, that is why we must keep the integrity expected from Christian servants all the time.
  • Loyalty: We should never forget that we are spreading the message of Christ through His Bride, our beloved Coptic orthodox church.
  • Acceptance &Assertiveness: Our services are mainly offered to sinners, diverse cultures and various believes, that is why we should demonstrate acceptance and love to all diversities, yet in a truly assertive manner that conserves our faith, dogma, and Christian principles.
  • Coaching & Mentoring: We should never forget that someday we must leave the country to be served by its locals, so coaching and mentoring local servants and local priests is always in our strategy.

Our Partners

Coptic Orthodox Church

St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church

St. Paul Institute of Ministries Studeis