Angola is located at the west coast of Southern Africa, and its capital is Luanda

Country Area is 1,246,700 km2, and Population is 31.83 million

It is bordered by Namibia to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Zambia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Portuguese is the only official language of Angola, but 46 African other languages are spoken in the country, here is the most common languages in Angola: Portuguese, Chokwe, Kikongo, Kimbundu, Oshiwambo and Umbundu.

Religions are 93.4% Christianity, 56.4% Roman Catholic, 23.4% Protestant, 13.6% Other Christian, 4.5% Traditional faiths, 1.1% Others, 1.0% No religion

History of St. Paul Service in Angola

All the missions in Angola were exploration and for building reputation through the medical services
1st mission: April 2017 , number of missionaries 2 , objectives :
1- explore Angola and find opportunities
2-meet Egyptian ambassador there
3-build relations with catholic hospitals and churches.
4- WHO meeting
2nd mission (1st medical mission) July 2017 , number of missionaries 5 , objectives :
1- meet the ministry of health with JRS representative father Celestino
2- build relation with UN
3- serving in hospital geral through screening and providing free medications
4- share bible stories.

3rd mission: November 2017, number of missionaries 6, objectives:
1- screened more than 1200 pts (Dundo),and offer free medications
2- operated 9 surgeries
3- build strategic relationship with UN
4- share bible stories with some crafts.
5- Teaching some nurses about neonatology.
4th mission: April 2018, number of missionaries 2 , objectives :
1- Meetings ministry of health and WHO
2- Meetings in BONGANI COMP., GROUP ASAS comp.


5th mission: November 2018, number of missionaries 5 , objectives :
1- Screening of 848 patients (Camela), and offer free medications
2- Teaching some health awareness.
6th mission: April 2019, number of missionaries 4, objectives :
1- Screening of 1140 patients (Camela), and offer free medications.
2- share some bible stories with crafts and present Jesus Christ movie in Portuguese.
Angola is still in the reputation phase so there is no churches, priests or residents.

Spiritual services were provided within the medical missions, in the waiting areas through Bible share, crafts, painting and watching movies.
No other spiritual activities were performed in Angola since there is no priest, resident or local congregation yet

Number of missions 4
Location Dundo and Camela .
We had 6 missions to Angola, 4 of them were medical services, where our servant doctors in the following specialties:
– Surgery
– Pediatrics
– Internist
– Ophthalmology
– Dermatology.


We provided the following services to locals:
– Consultations
– Health Awareness
– Medical education
– Surgeries
The outcome of these Medical Missions:
– 9 successful surgeries
– 75 local persons had awareness sessions and
– 5 nurses were trained to use incubators.

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