South Sudan

  • Location: Africa
  • Surrounding countries:  Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Ughanda, Congo..
  • Capital & main cities: Juba, Wau, yirol
  • Official Languages: Arabic, English, comprehend: Sudanese Arabic & English, Others: Rotan
  • Major religions: Christianity, Minor: Muslim
  • Country Area: 620,000 Km2
  • Population: Around 11M
  • 1st mission: 2015, number of missionaries 20+, objectives: Spiritual, Medical
  • 1st medical mission: 2015
  • Educational missions: Included in spiritual missions.
  • Now, we have:
    -One Church: St. Mary & St. Abraam Church-Nyakuron
    – Priest: Fr. Youssef Sargious
    – Resident: Fr. Athanasious Ava Veni (Egyptian Resident)
    – Local servant: Around 23
    – Projects: Clinic, Development training Center, Nursery
    – Other Service Location: Mijiki Land (Still under construction)


  • Number of missions: 20+
  • Cities of the service: Juba (capital), Wau, Yirol
  • Places: Nyakuron, Munuki, Gorei, Mijiki, Longui
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    – Liturgies
    – Weekly Sunday School
    – Youth Weekly Meeting
    – Congregation Weekly Meeting
    – Servants Preparation
    – Baptized Service
    – Memorizing Liturgies Hymns weekly meeting.
  • The outcome of these spiritual activities is:
    (20) locals baptized in 2019-2020
  • Number of missions: 25
  • Location: (3 Wau state – 4 yirol state – 1 Akon (Gobrial state)) – Juba 16 missions
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    One to one talks, flyers, preaching
  • Surgery:
    Ophthalmologists, 8 missions
    General surgery
    ENT Ear Nose and Throat
  • We provided the following services to locals:
    Health Awareness: (5 conferences, some of which in university of Juba) and faculty of nursing and midwifery
    Medical education: drs & nurses’ courses
  • The outcome of these Medical Missions:
    -Thousands of medical consultants in different specialties
    – 110 General surgeries
    – Orthopedic 65 patients
    – ENT 15 patients
    – Ophthalmology surgery (Cataract surgery) 950 patients
    – Opthalmology consultations for 1500 patients
    – Treaning conferences (5 Conferences for junior doctors and nurses)
  • One of the doctors now is working as a local doctor in the clinic of our church in Nyakuron
  • 2 of the youth trained to work as laboratory assistant in the church clinic
  • Establishment of St Mary and Anba Abraam clinic in Nyakuron – Juba
  • We had 2 missions to JUBA which included educational section
  • The 2 missions had the following education activities:
    – TOT Course for school teachers.
    – TOT Course for Munuki Church servants.
    – University students developmental training.
  • Development Training Center: Electricity, Computer, Carpentry, Sewing.
  • Nursery with 3 classes, located in the church in Nyakuron, will be in service on March 2021.
  • There is a plan for School establishment in the new land in Mijiki near Nyakorun, planned to be ready on 2022.

We get a new land in longui and we plan to make agriculture project for locals.