South Africa

  • Location & Surrounding countries :
    South of Africa it is the southernmost country on the continent of Africa, located entirely south of the equator. Atlantic Ocean on the west and Indian ocean on the east surrounded by Namibia (North West), Botswana (North), Zimbabwe (North) and Mozambique (North East)
  • Capital & Main
    – Pretoria
    – Bloemfontein
    – Cape Town
    – Johannesburg (Not a capital but it is the main city)
  • Official Languages, Recognized and regional languages
    11 (English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Soto, Kohsa)
  • Religions :Multi-ethnic
  • Population :55 Million


In early 1976, His Holiness Pope Shenouda III  ordained Bishop Antonious Markos, Bishop of African Affairs. From that time His Grace Bishop Antonious Markos has established over 35 churches in 10 African countries where most of them are located in South Africa. Many local priests and servants were appointed to many perishes across South Africa. Starting 2008, missions from St Paul started to travel to South Africa to empower the service spiritually in from of conferences and servants development programs.

  • First exploration mission was in 2008
  • First kids conference in Jul 2009
  • Non official medical missions due to the need of medical license for physicians practicing in SA
  • Service
    Sunday School Children: (Age Group 5-10)
    – Youth:
    – Age group 1: 11-14
    – Age Group 2: 15-17
    – Age Group 3: 18+
    – Mamas


  • Many spiritual missions started to flow in specific times of the year to cover the spiritual need there:
  • 2010
    youth conference
    Kids conference
  • 2011
    youth conference
    Kids conference
    KZN mission
  • 2012
    Easter mission
    April mission
    July mission
    Sept – Oct
  • 2013
    Feb 2 residence
    April 2 residence
    June youth conference + missions
    August Mission
    Sept kids conference
    Dec Christmas mission
  • 2014
    Easter mission
    Youth Conference
    Kids Conference
    Christmas mission
  • 2015
    Easter mission
    July mission
    Youth Conference
    Kids conference
  • 2016
    Youth Conference
    Kids Conference
  • 2017
    Easter mission
    Youth conference
    Christmas mission
  • 2018
    Youth conference
  • 2019
    Youth conference
    Christmas mission
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    – Liturgies
    – Conferences
    – Short time mission
    – House visitation
    – School visitation
    – Choir competition
    – Bible Study
    – Catechumens Courses
    – Sunday School
    – Spiritual Meeting
    – Servants Preparation


  • The outcome of these spiritual activities is:
    (8) priest ordained from locals and Wilson will be soon