7 Milestones to Reach the Service Objectives Our Strategy Know more
Team Building

M1. Team Building

  1. Education and training for introducing the basic information needed to join the service.
  2. Members serve in villages and slum areas inside Egypt to step out their comfort zone, and to be trained to deal with different cultures and other communities.
  3. Development courses will continue to teach the servants all the needed skills to accomplish their mission.

M2. Exploration

  1. Online research.
  2. Field exploration.
  3. Needs assessment.
Building Reputation

M3. Building the Reputation

Through Missions to address the needs of the country discovered during the exploration period.

  1. Medical Missions: Outreaches – hospitals – screening students – awareness.
  2. Educational Missions: Universities – schools – educational centres – churches.
  3. Conferences: Youth conferences – churches – schools.
  4. Events: Easter – Christmas – Choir.

M4. Existence

    1. Resident Servant
    2. Community Development
      1. Educational centre.
      2. Community Healthcare Workers.
      3. Clinic
      4. Vocational centre.
Coptic Church

M5. Coptic Church

Coptic Priest: After having a resident servant for one year it is preferred to have a Coptic priest located in the country to proceed with the following tasks:

  1. Regular liturgy service.
  2. Spiritual Meetings.
  3. One to one service.
  4. Catechumens’ course.
  5. Discipleship for locals.
  6. Carry on with the community development activities.
Growing Church

M6. Growing Church

  1. Sustainable Service with liturgies held on a regular basis, Sunday School, home visitations, catechumens’ courses, servants’ preparation courses and selecting second line leaders and servants from the local community.
  2. Sustainable Project to sustain a financial income to run the church activities and help in addressing the needs of the served community.
  3. Exploration of new locations
Empowered Church

M7. Empowered Church

  1. Local Priest.
  2. Evangelistic Church
  3. Moving-on after a complete hand-over of the church to local priests and local servants
  4. Follow-up of the empowered church while visiting, training, developing, and maintaining a strong connection with the mother Coptic Church.