• Location & Surrounding countries: Between China and India
  • Capital & Main cities:
    capital city: Kathmandu
    Main cities: Pokhara and Chitwan.
  • Official Languages, Recognized and regional languages:Nepali
  • Religions:
    81.3% Hinduism-9% Buddhism-4.4% Islam-3.1% Kirant
    -1.4% Christianity -0.5% Prakriti -0.3% Others
  • Country Area: 147,516 km2
  • Population: 28 million

History of St. Paul Service in Nepal

  • 1st mission, number of missionaries, objectives:
    – First mission November 2013, 4 missionaries
    – The objective of the mission is to explore the country and the needed services
    – Volunteering with many organizations at Kathmandu the capital city Biratnagar the second city
    – Visited villages, orphanages and a rehabilitation center and shared bible stories, spiritual songs, movies and sketches.
    – Served in public areas with kids, teenagers and youth
    – prepared & donated food to the homeless.
  • First Medical mission to help sick and needy people after the earthquake was on Dec.2015.
  • The medical team consulted people in Chitwan, Dhading and many other camps with total patients around 1836.
  • In addition to the doctors, we had a spiritual team who took care of the kids, played with them, and shared spiritual songs and sketches.
  • Our main objective during this crisis was to spread Love and Care among the people.
  • Now, there are:
    o Church: 49 Martyrs altar at our house
    o Priest: Fr Augastine Sobhy
    o Local servant(s), number: Yes ,2
    o Projects:
    started an After school program in our home which is run by local people.(but now not working cause of covid-19
    o Team
    About 30 servants
  • Number of missions: 27
  • Location (Cities & places) of the service in the country:
    Katmandu and some out reaches places for service
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    o Liturgies
    o Conferences: One Christmas event Dec 2017
    o Bible Study: continuing online now a days
    o Catechumens Courses
    o Sunday School
    o Spiritual Meeting
    o Servants Preparation: Preparing the course now
  • The outcome of these spiritual activities is:
    Locals baptized in 2019-2020: 6 Locals
  • Number of missions: 4
  • Location (Cities & places) of the service in the country: Kathmandu ,Chitwan , Dhading, pokhara and many other camps
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    We had 4 medical missions to Nepal , all of them had a support spiritual team to serve spiritually with the medical services, where our servant doctors in the following specialties:
    – Pediatrics
    – Cardiology
    – Dentist
    – Ophthalmologist
    – G.P
    – Others
  • We provided the following services to locals:
    – Consultations
    – Health Awareness
  • The outcome of these Medical Missions:
    – Examine more than 6000 person
    – 200 local persons had awareness sessions
    – Making a very good reputation for the Coptic church which facilitate many activities.
  • We had 27 missions to Neoal , 7 of them included Education services.
  • As we were studying the need of school, we had some services and small courses presented to the local schools .
  • The 3 missions had the following education activities:
    – English Education
    – Computer courses
  • The outcome of these missions was as follows:
    – 20 youth studied ICDL courses
  • By God’s grace starting from May till August 2018 we managed to give some courses in our home; ICDL, Photoshop, Art, English and Computer courses. In these courses around 12 Nepalese people attended and participated.
  • Started giving Health Care Awareness, Art, English, Electronics and Computer courses in six schools at Harrissidee, Godawary, Kathmandu and Bhumistan.
  • Started an After school program in our home which is run by local people.