• Location & Surrounding countries:  Morocco is in North Africa that borders Algeria to the east and southeast, Mauritania to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Surrounding countries (Spain, Algeria, and Mauritania)
  • Capital & Main cities: The capital of Morocco is Rabat. Main cities (Marrakech, Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier)
  • Official Languages, Recognized and regional languages:
    – The official languages are Arabic and Berber. Arabic is the main language however most Moroccans speak an Arabic dialect called ‘Darija’.
    – French is widely used in governmental institutions and large companies.
    – Spanish is spoken mainly in North Morocco.
    – English is the third most spoken foreign language.
  • Religions: Islam
  • Country Area: 446,550 km²
  • Population: Over 37 million

History of St. Paul Service in Angola

  • Now, there are:
    • Church
    • Priest
    • Resident(s)
    • Local servant(s), number
    • Projects
    • Team
    • Others
  • The 1st mission was a kind of Exploration Mission and led by 3 missionaries
  • Achievement:
    – Visited a local home Church in Marrakech.
    – Visited Mother Threase Association.
  • The 2nd mission was also a kind of Exploration Mission and led by Fr. Youhana Makien and another 2 missionaries,
  • Achievement
    – Visited a local home Church in Marrakesh.
    – Visited many of Catholic Churches in different cities.
    – Preparation for Medical Missions.
    – Invite Moroccan people to visit Egypt.
    – Discuss with sister churches the ability to host Coptic Liturgy.
  • The 3rd mission was a kind of Spiritual Mission and led by 2 missionaries
  • Achievement
    – Visited a local home Church in Marrakesh.
  • Number of missions: (2)
  • Location (Cities & places) of the service in the country: Marrakech
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    – Liturgies
    – Conferences
    – Bible Study (√)
    Catechumens Courses
    – Sunday School
    – Spiritual Meeting (√)
    Servants Preparation

We had 6 missions to Morocco, 4 of them were totally medical services, where our servant doctors in the following specialties:

  • Surgery
  • Pediatrics
  • Cardiology
  • Others

We provided the following services to locals:

  • Consultations
  • Health Awareness
  • Community Health Workers
  • Medical education
  • Surgeries
  • Others

The outcome of these Medical Missions:

  • 3 successful surgeries
  • 50 local persons had awareness sessions and medical education
  • 10 locals were trained to make first aids in a proper way
  • Others
  • As we were studying the need of school, we had a discussion with formal authorities there to build a new school named (St. Mark School), which will be in Yaoundé near the city center. This school will be ready by April 2021.

The 3 missions had the following education activities:

  • English Education
  • TOT Course for school teachers

The outcome of these missions was as follows:

  • 50 children (6 – 11 Years old) learned how to say, pronounce, and write the English alphabet.
  • They also learned to count from 1-100 in English
  • They also learned some basic English words (some fruit names – animal names – colors names)
  • 20 Teachers attended the TOT course
  • Others
  • In June 2018, there was a mission with some development projects ideas that started to be real:
    • 30 farmers had new lands to plant new crops, and they sell it in the local market.
    • 20 women started sewing project, and they now sell their products in the market or we buy them and sell them in exhibitions.
    • 5 Water Wells were established in the eastern desert of the country
    • Others