Lord, what do You want me to do?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever wondered saying: what am I doing with my life?  Why do I exist? What is my life all about?  What legacy will I leave behind when my time is over?

We always need to pray to find the perfect will of God in our lives, this prayer can change many things, if you just pray for a moment asking God’s guidance before any matter, you will see things differently.

We need to exercise all the time on this prayer:

“Show me Your ways, O LORD; Teach me Your paths” (Psa  25 :  4)

We are all called for a great mission in this life, we all need to discover something meaningful to live for. We are not here just to make a living; we are here to make A DIFFERENCE!  Working for changing lives makes a lasting impact in the world, because change is the miracle taking place every instant!

When Saint Pachomius the Great, the founder of Christian Cenobitic Monasticism, was asked by his disciples about the way to perform miracles, he answered: If you see an idolatrous worshiper and you illuminate in front of him the path that leads him to the knowledge of God, then you have raised someone from the dead, and if you lead a heretic to the Orthodox faith, then you have opened the eyes of a blind person, and if you changed a miser to be a generous person, you will have cured a paralyzed hand, and if you turn the lazy person to be active, you will have given healing to a paralyzed crippled, and if you turn the angry person to be a meek one, you will have brought out a devil, is there something greater than this that a man would aspire to obtain?

We are all invited to perform miracles all the time, through delivering the true knowledge of God, the love of Christ and the power of Holy Spirit in the hearts of all people.

Let us all pray to have humility and wisdom to spread the love of Christ, to deserve to be His ambassadors, to be able to show His love to those who live in the darkness and in the wilderness of hatred.

May Christ, our good Lord generously provide all what you need for your mission.

May He help us to see all people with His eyes and illuminate our hearts to focus on the goal of saving all people, wherever they live, whether they do good or bad, no matter they accept us or reject us. May He help us to think about all people with His mindset.

May Christ give us the heart of St. Paul, to go everywhere, speak every word, and do every deed, just for the sake of the glory of His Holy Name.