• Surroundings: South East Africa, Indian Ocean, Surrounded by (Madagascar, India, Australia)
  • Capital (Port Louis) & Main cities (Grand Bai, Rose Hill, Curepipe)
  • Official Languages ” English and French, Recognized and regional languages : Mauritian Creole (Indian, French, English, Chinese)
  • Religions : Hindu 48% , Christianity 33%, Islam 17%
  • Country Area:  2040 Km^2
  • Population:  1.2 M

History of St. Paul Service in Mauritius

  • 1st mission: 12/2016 , number of missionaries  3 and it was exploratory.
  • 1st medical mission: March/2017 main purpose was Medical Screening
  • No churches or priests are in Mauritius but we have a resident who was planned to travel the past year but due the Corona virus situation, her travel was postponed and still not able to travel
  • Number of missions 3
  • Location of missions (Curepipe, Roche Bois, Rose belle, Belle Rose, Triolet, La cure, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Moka).
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    – Fun days held in the schools, in churches and in other institutions.
  • Number of missions : 4
  • Location of missions: (Flacq, Triolet, Union Vale, Dubreuil, Roche Bois, Curepipe).
  • Medical services offered in these missions were in the following specialties:
    – Internal Medicine
    – Pediatrics
    – Cardiology
    – Dentist
    – Pharmacist
    – Ophthalmology
    – Gynecology
  • We provided the following services to locals:
    – Consultations
    – Health Awareness
  • The outcome of these Medical Missions:
    – local persons had awareness sessions in drug addiction
    – 3200 local persons had consultation and give them medications.
    -2300 local persons had eye glasses for free.