Location & Surrounding countries: It is an island country in the Indian Ocean, approximately 400 kilometers (250 miles) off the coast of East Africa. Madagascar is the world’s second-largest island country.

Capital : Antananarivo

Official Languages Recognized and regional languages: The Malagasy language is the main language. Malagasy and French were named the official languages of the Malagasy Republic.

Country Area: 587,041 sq km

Religions: 41% of Madagascans practiced Christianity, and 52% adhered to traditional religions

Population: 27,424,092 people.

History of St. Paul Service in Madagascar

First mission:  Exploration mission was on November 2016.

Mission objectives:

  • Exploring Madagascar & finding opportunities to begin service there
  • Collecting contacts who can help in beginning service
  • Total number of missions: 11 (2 exploration – 9 medical)
  • Exploration missions (Nov. 2016 & April 2019)

9 Medical missions:

  • AMBOSITRA Apr-17
  • AMBOSITRA Jun-17
  • AMBOSITRA Aug-17
  • Villages around Tana May-18
  • Ambositra May-18 6 Villages with the Greek Jun-18
  • Ambatolamy Jun-19
  • Ambatolamy Aug-19
  • Ambatolamy Nov-19
  • Spiritual services were done during the medical missions 
  • Preparing adult and kids spiritual program to be addressed in schools and for patients in the waiting area.
  • Number of missions: 9
    Location (Cities & places) of the service in the country.
    – AMBOSITRA (Apr-17)
    – AMBOSITRA (Jun-17
    – AMBOSITRA (Aug-17)
    – Villages around Tana (May-18)
    – Ambositra (May-18)
    – Villages with the Greek (Jun-18)
    – Ambatolamy (Jun-19)
    – Ambatolamy (Aug-190
    – Ambatolamy (Nov-19)All of them were medical services including spiritual activities and health awareness, where our servant doctors were in the following specialties:
    GynecologyWe provided the following services to locals:
    Health Awareness
    Medical education

    The outcome of these Medical Missions: 
    49 successful surgeries
    More than 5000 medical consultations

  • We are in process of studying many development projects in Madagascar