• Southeast Asia and surrounded by Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia
  • Capital : Jakarta
  • Main cities: Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, and Bekasi—are on Java. Manado located in Sulawesi and Kalimantan.
  • Official Languages: Bahasa Indonesia
  • Recognized and regional languages: over 700 languages
  • Religions: Islam ( majority),Christianity ,Hinduism
  • Area : 1,904,569 km2
  • Population : 267,670,000

History of St. Paul Service in Indonesia

  • 1st mission: May 2014, one missionary
  • Objectives: exploring and building communications with other churches.
  • 1st medical mission: December 2015
  • Other supporting missions: short missions from the team for conferences and youth camps
  • Now, there are:
    o 5 official Churches in Surabaya, Malang, Jakarta, Manado, and Kalimantan
    o 2 Priests: Fr John Edward, Fr Petrus Ramzy
    o 5 Residents: Nardine Adel, Mariam Elkomos Yoanes , Marina Raafat, Haidy Mikhail and Christine Maher
    o 2 Local servants : Grace Pello , Henery Wonok
    o 3 Projects: Taman Mini, Manado Cultural Center, Surabaya Cultural Center
    o 2 Teams: Alpha, Omega
  • Over 40 missions
  • Location of the service in the country: Jakarta, Surabaya, Manado, Kalimantan
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    o Liturgies
    o Conferences
    o Bible Study
    o Catechumens Courses
    o Sunday School
    o Spiritual Meetings
    o Servants Preparation
    o Deacon classes
  • The outcome of these spiritual activities is:
    o 83 locals baptized
    o One Egyptian priest ordained in 2020
  • Number of missions: 2
  • City : Medan and Surabaya
  • In Medan: our servant dentist treated patients in coordination with another NGO
  • In Surabaya: we provided the following services to locals:
    o Consultations
    o Health Awareness
    o Medical education
  • The outcome of these Medical Missions:
    o 3 locals had awareness sessions and medical education
    o Consultations in rural areas in Surabaya
  • The 3 missions had the following education activities:
    – English course
    – Arabic Course
  • The outcome of these missions was as follows:
    – Learning Arabic alphabet
    – Learning History of the church
    – Giving lecture in theology schools about the Coptic Church and Christian history