Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong is a metropolitan area and special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China on the eastern Pearl River Delta of the South China Sea. With over 7.5 million residents of various nationalities in a 1,104-square-kilometre territory, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places in the world.
  • Hong Kong became a colony of the British Empire after the Qing Empire ceded Hong Kong Island at the end of the First Opium War in 1842.The colony expanded to the Kowloon Peninsula in 1860 after the Second Opium War and was further extended when Britain obtained a 99-year lease of the New Territories in 1898. The whole territory was transferred to China in 1997. As a special administrative region, Hong Kong maintains separate governing and economic systems from that of mainland China under the principle of “one country, two systems”.

History of St. Paul Service in Hong Kong

  • Service started since 2012. With exploration missions then we
    started several missions targeting charity organizations then
    schools and universities, and the team was growing. We have a
    resident priest there (Father. Dawoud Hanna).
  • Liturgies
  • Sunday School for Congregation
  • Digital Platform (Facebook page & YouTube Channel under SMCOA brand name)