Côte D’Ivoire

  • Location & Surrounding countries:
    West: Liberia & Guinea
    North: Mali & Burkina Faso
    East: Ghana
    South: The Gulf of Guinea & the Atlantic Ocean
  • Capital: Yamoussoukro & Largest City: Abidjan.
  • Official Language: French, Recognized and regional languages: about 78
  • Religions: Christianity 33.9%, Islam 42.9% & 3.6% traditional African Religions.
  • Country Area: West Africa
  • Population: around 29 Million

History of St. Paul Service in Côte D’Ivoire

  • The Coptic Orthodox Church was introduced in Ivory Coast in 1999 by Fr. John Ramzy. He was serving in Canada in the first place then he was dedicated to serve in Côte d’Ivoire by the end of the 90’s. The Actual land 600 km2 of the church was dedicated by the Country itself to the Coptic Orthodox Church. Fr. John Ramzy kept praying holy liturgies and baptizing many in a rented house till the Church was fully build in a U shape containing a big church, house for the priest and house for visitors.
  • By 2009 and due to health problems, Fr. John Ramzy returned to Canada and started to coordinate with St. Paul to send support missions and maintain the spiritual activities of the congregation.
  • 1st mission took place in 2010,  number of missionaries were 4, and it was an exploratory one leading to a full prepared missions after.
  • In 2012, God sent a priest to serve in Ivory Coast, He is the actual Father of the church till now… Fr. Gabriel Sarwat.
  • Since Fr. Gabriel Ordination, the church started to expand and to get involved in official meetings, coordinate many charity events with hospitals and NGOS
  • The location of the church now became really remarkable as we are known by “Two towers” on the road 1 min walk from to the only Carrefour in Ivory Coast “Les deux tours à côté de Carrefour”
  • We had only 3 medical missions in 2015
  • Now, there are:
    – Church: Since 2001 The Church name is “Église Copte Orthodoxe en Côte d’Ivoire Paroisse Saint Marc Abidjan”
    – Local Priest: Fr. Gabriel Sarwat.
    – Resident(s): None
    – Local servant(s) 4
  • – Deacons : around 20
  • – Choir members around 15
  • –  St paul Team: 47 members.
  • – Almost 200 congregation members
  • – Service building in process
  • Number of missions: 24
  • Location (Cities & places) of the service in the country
    – Abidjan : our main church,  St. Boulevard François Mitterrand between Faya et Abatta
    – Bingerville : Orphanage of Bingerville
    – Grand bassam : Orphanage of Grand Bassâm
    – Abobo : Foyer Akwaba
    – Aboisso : Enfants SOS Aboisso
    – Yamoussoukro : ENfants SOS Yamoussoukro
    –  Yopougon
    – Divo
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
    – Liturgies: 3 times per week
    – Bible Study: Daily meeting at 8 PM
    – Catechumens Courses: Sunday after the liturgy
    – Sunday School: Sunday after the liturgy
    –  Spiritual Meeting: Daily prayer meeting
    –  Servants Preparation: Saturdays
  • The outcome of these spiritual activities is:
    locals baptized in 2019-2020: 3 during 2019 & 3 during 2020
    Others: One local servant.
  • Number of missions: 3 missions in 2015 only contained 6 doctors & 2 missionaries
  • Location (Cities & places) :
  • We had 3 missions to Ayamé, one of them were totally medical services, where our servant doctors in the following specialties:

– Surgery
– Cardiology
– Ophthalmology

  • We provided the following services to locals:
    – Consultations
    – Health Awareness
    – Community Health Workers
    – Medical education
    – Surgeries
    – Others
  • The outcome of these Medical Missions:
    – 60 successful cataract surgeries
    – One local was trained to make ECG in a proper way

Due to official papers rules in the country we couldn’t move on is medical missions, trying to find a way these days.