Cape Verde

  • Cape Verde is an island country in the central Atlantic ocean, ten volcanic islands about 4000 square kilometers located in the western coast of the African continent, Gambia, Guinea – Bissau, Mauritania and Senegal.
  • Capital: Praia
  • Population: Cape Verde was a porterhouse colonists, its population is about 525000 (2015 census)
  • Religions: Protestant and Catholic are the churches in Cape Verde, in addition to Mormons  and Jehovah witness

History of St. Paul Service in Cape Verde

  • Service started since 2016.
  • First mission was on November 2016 , exploring many places and meeting with the representatives of the Catholic and Protestant churches, and the representatives of the ministry of health to collect data about the papers needed for the medical missions
  • In 2018 After researches, Brava was the best place to implement community health workers program but after facing a lot of problem it stopped, so we shifted our place of service to Fogo.
  • As per the recommendation of father Doaud Lamei, to change our place of service near the capital Praia
  • In any of the places we served in ,we had a very good communication with the mayor who offered a place to our service and sponsored our stay that was in addition to the sponsoring of the ministry of health to our doctors during their stay in Cape Verde including all the logistics and paper needed for the missions.
  • We had many people that knew about our church and still serving with us.
  • Our plan was medical missions accompanied by spiritual group from the team to serve in churches ,schools, nurseries, clinics presenting spiritual and social topics prepared by the team members according to the need of each place, distributing many giveaways representing our church and our service
  • Finally we finished the papers of our NGO in2019 and proceeding in the church registration
  • In 2020 we agreed that Santa Cruz will be by God’s grace our center according to the researches done by the team and the exploration mission done by 2 members of our team ,we found that the main project will be agricultural , and development center
  • The team consists of 55 members ,11 are inactive,12 are partially active (serve with the team in the preparation but can’t attend Sunday meeting due to their work timing or traveling abroad )
  • 12 missions were accompanied with medical missions
  • Spiritual events in many schools, churches, nurseries, elder houses in brava, fogo and praia
  • Servant preparations  for the community health care workers group ,girls soccer team
  • We started our missions in Capeverde with the medical missions due to the great need
  • 12 medical missions including clinics different specialities and surgeries ,health awareness
  • Screening thousands of children
  • Thousands of patients and free medication


It facilitated our entry to Capeverde and it opened the service in schools ,hospitals and churches by screening , medical awareness sessions and  facilitated to have a very good repetition

  • First educational mission  in schools  was in April 2018 in schools and we prepared as a team a curriculum to be used in each mission with the important topics needed by the community as alcoholism, depression, nutrition, early pregnancy, self awareness…
  • Teaching women handicrafts like crochet and providing  them with the materials needed