• Burundi
  • Small Country Located in the East of Africa, south of the equator line , located between Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Tanzania  
  • Bujumbura is the Capital, Other Cites : Gitega, Ruygi, Bururi, Bubanza, Mutumba
  • The Official Languages are Kirundi, French , Swahili 
  • Religions: Christians 67% , African traditional religion 23% , Muslims 10%
  • Country Area: 27,834 km2
  • Population : 11,890,784 people

History of St. Paul Service in Burundi

  • We established our NGO  “Association de l’Eglise Orthtodoxe Copte Au Burundi (A.E.O.C.B.)” in Burundi in April 2011, it is an non-profit organization subsidiary of the Egyptian church, and it was the gate for our services in Burundi, Medical and Spiritual
  • Our first mission was a medical mission in January 2012, with 12 Doctors
  • Then we rented a house and start our Spiritual Mission
  • We built an Alter in the rented House, and started our Sunday School Service for Kids and Youth meeting
  • We Bought a Land in Bujumbura and built a church, then we transfer our services in the church
  • We took a land in Ruyigi and started to build our  technical high school – Saint Mary  
  • Now, we have: 
    • Church
    • NGO
    • Residents
    • Saint Mary  technical high school
    • Local servants
    • Medical Missions
    • Spiritual Missions
  • Service Location : Bujumbura, Mutumba
  • Around 20 Spiritual Missions
  • Spiritual activities in the country:
  • Sunday School
  • Liturgies
  • Home Visits
  • Visiting Orphanage 
  • Cooking Lesson
  • Camps
  • Funday
  • Bible Study
  • Catechumens Courses
  • Spiritual Meeting
  • Servants Preparation

The outcome of these spiritual activities is:

  • 19 locals baptized till 2020
  • Serving around 350 kids in Sunday School
  • We offer a meal to 350 kids after Sunday School
  • 28 Medical Mission
  • Bujumbura, Gitega, Mutumba and Ruyigi
  • Most of the mission were totally medical services, where our servant doctors in the following specialties: 
  • Dermatology
  • Dentistry
  • General Surgery
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pediatric
  • ENT
  • Gynecology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Orthopedic
  • Internal medicine
  • Cardiology
  •  We provided the following services to locals:
  • Consultations
  • Health Awareness
  • Medical education
  • Surgeries
  • Donating Medicines
  • Donating Hearing Aids
  • Donating Medical Instruments

The outcome of these Medical Missions: 

  • Serving approximately  10270 patients and doing  530 operations
  • We donated hearing aids to the hearing impaired persons in the town of Ruyigi in the presence of his excellence the Ombudsman at a public meeting where doctors and many participants have attended.
  • We had missions in “Université Espoir d’Afrique”, “Université Sagesse d’Afrique” and “Université Lumière” to give lectures about Leadership and other development skills.
  • We had missions for “Kanura School” for blinds in Gihanga, “Ephphatha school” for deaf. We do Art & Craft with deaf, and singing with blinds 
  • We had missions for primary schools in Bujumbura and other governorates (Kayanza & Bubanza). We tell story, play games, do coloring, distribute some gifts & sweets
  • In most of our missions we do the following education activities:
  • English course
  • Computer course
  • French, Math and Science course 
  • First Aid course
  • Hygiene course
  • Etiquette course
  • Cooking lesson
  • Art and Craft
  • A program called “Be perfect” education for adolescent 


The outcome of these missions was as follows:

  • About 10 Youth has passed the course of English and Computer, We give them a diploma at the end of course
  • At the end of the hygiene course we give to 350 kids a hygiene items (soap, tooth brush, …)
  • For Leadership course, After we give the course to the students of the university, they asked us to give the course for professors too

Our development Project in Burundi is Saint Mary for technical high school in Ruyigi.

We aim to serve more than 270 students each year. We started the project in Feb. 2020 by building 3 classes and one computer lab room, this step is followed by fence construction and after that the administrative building, workshops and boarding building.

The school first opening will be on Sept. 2021 with 90 students in 3 sections :

Computer science.


Management & Finance.

Our mission is to give a multidimensional human support to Burundian people from different aspects: Moral, Medical, Educational & elevating their standards of living.