Location: Angola is located at the west coast of Southern Africa, and its capital is Luanda

Country Area: is 1,246,700 km2, and Population is 31.83 million

Bordered countries:  Namibia to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Zambia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Official Language: Portuguese is the only official language of Angola, but 46 African other languages are spoken in the country, here is the most common languages in Angola: Portuguese, Chokwe, Kikongo, Kimbundu, Oshiwambo and Umbundu.

Religions: are 93.4% Christianity, 56.4% Roman Catholic, 23.4% Protestant, 13.6% Other Christian, 4.5% Traditional faiths, 1.1% Others, 1.0% No religion


History of St. Paul Service in Angola

  • All the missions in Angola were fro exploration and for building reputation through the medical services
  • 1st mission:

    April 2017 , number of missionaries 2 , objectives :
    – Explore Angola and find opportunities
    – Meet Egyptian ambassador there
    – Build relations with catholic hospitals and churches.
    – WHO meeting


  • 2nd mission (1st medical mission)

    July 2017 , number of missionaries 5 , objectives :
    – Meet the ministry of health with JRS representative Father Celestino
    – Build relation with UN
    – Serve in hospital Geral de Angola through screening and providing free medications
    – Introduce some spiritual activities


  • 3rd mission:

  • November 2017, number of missionaries 6, objectives:
    – Screen more than 1200 patients (Dundo) and offer free medications
    – Operate 9 surgeries
    – Build strategic relationship with UN
    – Introduce some bible stories with some crafts.
    – Teaching some nurses about neonatology.


  • 4th mission:

  • April 2018, number of missionaries 2 , objectives :
    – Meetings with ministry of health and WHO
    – Meetings in BONGANI COMP., GROUP ASAS comp.
  • 5th mission:

  • November 2018, number of missionaries 5 , objectives :
    – Screen 848 patients (Camela), and offer free medications
    – Teach some health awareness.


  • 6th mission:

  • April 2019, number of missionaries 4, objectives :
    – Screen 1140 patients (Camela), and offer free medications.
    – Share some bible stories with crafts and present Jesus Christ movie in Portuguese.


  • Angola is still in the reputation phase so there is no churches, priests or residents.
  • Spiritual services were provided within the medical missions, in the waiting areas through Bible stories sharing, crafts, painting and watching movies.
  • No other spiritual activities were performed in Angola since there is no priest, resident or local congregation yet


  • Number of missions 4
  • Location Dundo and Camela .
  • We had total of 6 missions to Angola, 4 of them offered medical services in these specialities:
    – Surgery
    – Pediatrics
    – Internist
    – Ophthalmology
    – Dermatology.
  • We provided the following services to locals:
    – Consultations
    – Health Awareness
    – Medical education
    – Surgeries
  • The outcome of these Medical Missions:
    – 9 successful surgeries
    – 75 local persons had awareness sessions and
    – 5 nurses were trained to use incubators.